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Positive Reinforcement Training

We strive to help you see the value of Positive Reinforcement Training.

The key to success is understanding how to communicate with your pet. 

We love our dog, "We don't mind if he/she is on the couch or jumping to say hello".

 Sometimes we're seeing something they do as cute for their age or just not a problem, because,

 "we want our pets to be comfortable and part of the family".

 Now we find out that in just a few short weeks, we have unintentionally given our dog the wrong information, this can lead to unnecessary frustration for both you and your dog.

Jumping on you or company for attention, nipping, pulling on walks ect...

Not so cute anymore.

Should you be at this stage already, it is not too late.

If you're welcoming a new puppy or adopted an older dog, we encourage you to start building your foundation now.

With Positive Reinforcement, you can have your dog sit with you on the couch and be a part of the family.

 However, you first have to start with building a healthy relationship with proper communication, consistency and love.

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