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Building a Good Relationship with Your Dog 

Everyone loves their dog, but sometimes their behavior can be frustrating, this starts with miscommunication.

If not repaired it could lead to living with unwanted behavior for years or the owner deciding to give up. 

Here at Building Bloch Dog Training LLC we feel there is a better way.

Start building a good foundation from the start and if you haven't started yet, it is not too late.

With consistency and positive reinforcement, you will see results.


About Us

 Maria, has experience with dog training dating back to 1987, before she was a dog trainer herself.

She hired a trainer for her beloved pet, Samoyed, and soon discovered that once the communication was open between the pair, they both were less frustrated. The bond that was built was so strong, eventually they only needed to use hand signals to communicate.

Years later, Maria adopted another dog and applied what she had learned with her previous pooch. The results were fantastic.  

She soon realized that she loved working and building on communication with animals.

This led to her volunteering in shelters and learning more about training. In 2012, she decided to become a certified trainer.

Through this, Maria has learned that positive reinforcement and consistency is essential to building a strong, trusting relationship.

Soon her hobby became a career, and after a 20-year career, Maria opened, Building Bloch Dog Training LLC.

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